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Danilo Silvestrin, Gunther Lambert, Rare seating object for two people / acrylic ball chair

Rare seating object for two people/ball armchair. Designed in 1968. Consisting of two acrylic hemispheres, which can be closed into a ball using a hinge. Silver vinyl covers. H. 80 cm. D. 90 cm.

This object is one of very few surviving examples of this piece of seating furniture. It was discovered after about 25 years in storage and was preserved for posterity through extensive restoration.

Danilo Silvestrin designed this icon of space design of the 1960s for his friend, the Düsseldorf photographer Lothar Wolleh. He furnished Wolleh's apartment, which also functioned as a gallery for the works of his artist friends, with a variety of futuristic, transparent furniture.

Estimate: 25,000 € - 37,500 €

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K-13 - Auction May 2024
04. May 2024 at 11:00 AM CEST